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Disclaimer: When I provide a link to a particular article or website by another ministry I am not implying that I agree with everything you'll find on that ministry's website. I am only saying that the individual article I suggest is a helpful  viewpoint. We must be like the Berean's  (Acts 17:11)

My Thoughts :

Welcome to my site. It is my prayer that these studies will help you become grounded in the word of God. The studies you find here are from a layman's point of view concerning the "End Times". They were written for the person who has never studied "Revelation" because it is confusing or they were afraid of what was found there. God has a plan and he has revealed it to us in His word,when we see that he has every thing under control we have nothing to fear. Use this platform to get you started in understanding God's word.


Site is under construction sorry for the inconvenience. Check back often to view new uploads.

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